Rance Wright

Rance Wright, founder of Wright Way Master Classes, has always been an individual of opportunity, one who believes in connecting people together to help them help themselves, an individual of change and boldness—if you don't do it yourself no one will do it for you. He believes in the power of individuality and always gives positive information and direction.

One thing with Rance—you can't tell him an idea or he will manipulate it into several different options or opportunities.

In the field of entertainment, it is important that each individual who desires to perform invests the time it takes to know those who make the decisions, whether it be directors, casting directors, choreographers or music directors, etc. It's important that we invest in them—so hopefully one day they will invest in us.

By participating in these master classes, we learn how to improve the material that we use in the audition room. We also get the opportunity to understand how we may be perceived during an audition. By understanding this, we better ourselves and hone our ability to audition. The information we learn will hopefully direct us to our next job opportunity and the next steps in our personal career.

Wright Way Master Classes offer the student the opportunity to find out how they are perceived during an audition—the student is given corrective or even direct criticism on things to improve on.

Be prepared—dress to impress—and put the Wright foot forward at all times.