Wright Way Master Classes - New York

The Wright Way New York Master Classes offer each student the opportunity to meet casting directors and agents and talent usually on the other side of the table. Take material to the class that you are familiar with, and you will become aware of how you present your material through corrective criticism from a business professional with whom you are working with that day.

As we invest our time in these casting directors/agents and talent, we hope that some day they too will invest in us.

Come prepared to learn as well as introduce yourself through audition material—and always be prepared.

This class gives each individual the time and personal attention in a group setting with the casting director/agent/voice instructor/music coach/choreographer for that specific Master Class. You'll receive valuable input on your auditions and performances that will help you in taking the Wright step forward to opportunity and success and potentially better auditions.

You will have the chance to sing two brief songs, work on two monologues, or one monologue and one song contrasting. 32 bars-64 bars or 3 minute time total for both pieces is recommended.

There are only 15 students allowed into each class, so first come, first serve.

The only way to reserve a spot in Wright Way New York Master Classes is to pay in advance via PayPal. And there are NO refunds unless class is cancelled.


The class environment was wonderfully condusive to doing my best WORK. The WORK was what these classes were refreshingly about, as opposed to the ever-stressful audition... It was like being at the first day of rehearsal. Rance is excellent at connecting talent and that is just what he offers in his workshops.

—Liliane Klein

The personal attention that Camille Hickman gave and the preparation that she put forth prior to the class was very impressive. We each had full plays emailed to us to read as homework in addition to the usual sides. Camille was extremely generous with her time in the classroom and I felt like she had our best interests in mind. Her critique was well focused and concise and I thought her casting choices for each play/actor was highly accurate. I sincerely enjoyed working with her as part of the Wright Way Master Class series.

—Norris Chappell, Jr.

It is so wonderful to recieve an honest critique from the caliber of industry profesionals that I am always auditioning for!

—Jeff Pew

Rance's Master Classes are fantastic because Rance is fantastic. I felt completely welcome, at home and in a safe environment - perfect for working on my material and getting feedback from casting directors and agents. The casting directors and agents Rance brings in are not only top-notch, well known people, but also patient, knowledgeable and willing to help us be our best. The classes were not overbooked, so I had enough time to take direction and rework my material. I was impressed with the caliber of the other actors in the class too. Rance makes sure that those attending are talented and serious about their careers, so that we all learn something. I highly recommend Rance Wright's Master Classes!

—Megan Keefe

It would be hard to describe the effort, dedication and passion that Rance Wright gives to his professional endeavors. Every project he undertakes is completed with vision, skill, creativity, excellence and attention to detail. His professional credentials, academic degrees, keen business skills and personal experience performing, directing and producing along with his outstanding people skills and ability to motivate others to reach their full potential make him uniquely qualified to make an important contribution to the many facets of the entertainment world.

—Janielle Christensen, Music Dance Theatre Professor, Brigham Young University, Producer/Director

Rance Wright is a leader and true professional. He is passionate, dedicated and loves what he is doing and it shows through the energy in his voice and the fire in his heart. As a business professional and creative artist, he is organized, motivated, maintains high standards and a sense of professionalism I respect and admire. He is always looking out for the best interest of his clients and his dedication and inspiration has made a difference in the lives of many creative artists. He has made a big difference in mine and I am truly grateful to have Rance in my life as a friend and mentor.

—Liz McKendry

The classes are so beneficial for an actor because you are seen as a person rather than a number. The one on one time is focused with an exceptionally relaxed energy - it provides space to be open on both sides of the table. The relationships built in class are invaluable in the moment and in the business.

—Jen Espensen

The Wright Way Master Class was an exciting experience in a comfortable and clear atmosphere. Alison Franck helped me realize even in the shortest audition you can capture a director's attention by being completely authentic with what I have to offer as an actor. And that helped my career intstantly!

—Harold Flowers

Taking master classes through Rance is the BEST thing you can do for your career! In the current economic situation, when even major actors with Broadway credits are having a hard time getting in front of casting directors, Rance's class affords you that opportunity in the most invaluable way! He brings in the best and the most influential casting directors in the industry. The platform for Rance's class allows you to get personal quality time with each casting director and build relationships with them in a way that will never happen in an EPA. Rance CARES about his students! He works SO hard to make the class beneficial to you as the actor. He even takes the time outside of class to meet with you and give feedback - on his own personal time! You won't find that anywhere else in the city. As a result of taking Rance's classes, I have snagged the attention of Tara Rubin's casting office, having been called in for Mamma Mia, Les Miserables, and Billy Elliot! I have also developed good relationships with casting directors from the Goodspeed, Pappermill, Binder Casting, Playwrights Horizen, NAMCO, and many more. Not to mention the bonus of getting to sing for MAJOR legit agents in the city! And for the price you pay, in comparison with The Network or One on One, it is a STEAL! You won't find a better price and its worth EVERY penny! For any actor looking to further their career and get feedback from the major industry professionals, there is absolutely NO better way hands down! Rance's classes pave the way for success!

—Jeffrey Scott Stevens